School and community events have been postponed.

Families are isolated.

Budgets are tight.

But art is not cancelled.

However, hundreds of Dublin families who receive free- or reduced-price school meals no longer have the means to purchase art supplies for their children. At a time when creativity has never been more important to inspire hope and connection, Dublin Arts Council has partnered with Dublin Bridges to provide art supplies to our most economically vulnerable neighbors.

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to deliver packs of supplies and creative ideas to 500 students in July 2020, along with meals and snacks at distribution points throughout our community.

Art is essential, now more than ever – to remind us of our better selves and to help us support each other with creativity and compassion. During this unprecedented time of social isolationism, people across the world are utilizing the arts to bridge connection and healing.

Stand with us to spread the power of creativity and connection to our students, families and community – because art is not cancelled.