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Art review: Hillary Perhot’s pinhole camera creates captivating photographs

by Peter Tonguette, The Columbus Dispatch For most photographers, the point of taking a picture is to present a clear image of a person, place or event. The photographs of artist Hillary Perhot, however, are considerably more ephemeral. The native of Tampa, Florida, makes use of pinhole cameras to capture a range of often indecipherable [...]

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Yarn over Dublin project exhibited in Bridge Park

by Sarah Sole, ThisWeek Community News Linda Trombetti first learned how to crochet in her early 20s, and at 69, she still keeps up the hobby. “I find it really relaxing,” said Trombetti, a Mayfair Village resident. Trombetti’s most recent crochet project was done in tandem with a group of senior citizens from Mayfair Village [...]

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Artists collaborate for exhibit at Dublin Arts Council

by Sarah Sole, ThisWeek Community News The moment was the hardest of her life, but it was what Laurie VanBalen said was the final push she needed to bring an art project to fruition. Human rights was always something VanBalen kept close to her heart, but during the presidential campaign, she began to take note [...]

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Artist’s light-up sculptures, mixed-media pieces grab attention at Dublin exhibit

by Nancy Gilson, The Columbus Dispatch Colored lights, toy miniatures, keys, beads, gears, pipe cleaners, souvenir pins, china figurines and clippings from magazines and encyclopedias are just a few of the objects found in the attention-commanding works of Akron artist Mark Soppeland. View Full Article » In the News [...]

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Public art connects the City’s past, present and future

by Mikayla Klein, CityScene You’ve driven by the field of giant stone corn in Frantz Park. But did you know Malcolm Cochran, a professor of sculpture at The Ohio State University, created it with the vision of preserving Dublin’s farming legacy? Field of Corn (with Osage Oranges) is just one piece of the Dublin Art Council’s [...]

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Dublin exhibit shows Somali immigrants integrated into central Ohio

by Nancy Gilson The Columbus Dispatch Among U.S. cities, Columbus is second only to Minneapolis in the number of Somali immigrants. But how many of us really know our Somali neighbors? The Dublin Arts Council has taken a step toward introducing 15 extraordinary young men and women from the area who are of Somalian descent. [...]

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Finalists named for Kosciusko Park public art project

by Jennifer Noblit, ThisWeek Community News  On Feb. 29, three artists will present their vision for Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park. Finalists have been named in Dublin's next site-specific, public art project that will sit in Kosciuszko Park on Hard Road. The 36-acre park was dedicated in 2012. The artists will present their ideas from 6 to [...]

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DCSD students’ works on display

by Jennifer Noblit, ThisWeek Community News - January 12, 2016 Students will get a taste of the professional art world with the latest exhibition at the Dublin Arts Council. Artwork from Dublin City School District students and children that took Arts Council camps and classes will be on view at "emerging" through Feb. 19 in the [...]

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