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Berry van Boekel: The Top 100 2021

on view at Dublin Arts Council

7125 Riverside Dr., Dublin

March 8 – April 14, 2022


Berry van Boekel: The Top 100 2021 is an exhibition of painted double portraits featuring a juxtaposition of the recorder and the one recorded. The paintings are accompanied by audio field recordings, compiled by Fort Myers, Fla. artist Berry van Boekel. The Top 100 began as a hobby for van Boekel while a teenager in the Netherlands as a way to pay tribute to his musical heroes. The first Top 100 collection featuring fully hand-drawn artworks debuted in 1991 and has continued annually. The exhibition from the former Columbus, Ohio resident will be on view by appointment at Dublin Arts Council, 7125 Riverside Dr., Dublin, Ohio from March 8 through April 15. Appointments can be scheduled, beginning in mid-February, at https://visitdublinartscouncil.as.me/schedule.php


Image: Andrea Quispe Chura (after a photograph by John Cohen)/John Cohen
Peruvian Andrea Quispe Chura, left, (after a photograph by John Cohen) and late photographer/musicologist John Cohen on right.  11″x14″ oil on canvas, 2021 by Berry van Boekel. Photo courtesy of Berry van Boekel

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