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The Bright Side, an exhibition of embroidery and photography by central Ohio artists Eileen Woods and Barbara Vogel, explores age and loss through portraits of loved ones and comrades. Woods’ hand-embroidery on boldly printed fabric reveals portraits surrounded by the cosmos, while Vogel begins her process with color film, scanned and fused with layers of wax to produce an other-worldly quality in the subjects of her artwork.

Expressions range from astonishment to defiance and sorrow to serenity. The artists ask whether the “bright” side is a starry chaotic experience, a peaceful fading, or perhaps neither. While the exhibition cannot answer the question, it gives the viewer an opportunity to consider, and confront, the end.

Free admission and parking – appointments are required. To schedule a visit to the Dublin Arts Council gallery visit:

Barbara Vogel is represented by Sherrie Gallerie.



Hand embroidery, fabric, plastic tubing
by Eileen Woods

Hasselblad camera, wax, pigmented wax, board
by Barbara Vogel
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