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Project Description

Washington Township’s
The Homestead Park
4675 Cosgray Rd.
Hilliard, Ohio

The Homestead Park is west of Avery Rd and south of Shier Rings Rd.

GPS Coordinates:
N 40 03.210
W 083 10.983

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Fissures and Fractures Riverbox is not currently on view. Please check back periodically to find out when it will be reinstalled.

Fissures and Fractures Riverbox was created by Andrea Myers in 2011. The artwork is part of the Riverbox Tributary project.  Park adjacent to the administrative offices (the big white barn).


  • Stroll to the base of Old Glory.
  • With your back to Washington Township’s history, look in the distance, through the arches, to the white railing where people say “I do.”
  • Travel clockwise on the path toward the white railing you spotted.
  • Continue past the Homestead Park history marker, around the place where the bluegill jump.
  • Cross the water without getting your feet wet. (We’ve got you covered!)
  • Walk between the River Birches and look to your left, near the water’s edge.

Artist and Credits:
Fissures and Fractures Riverbox was created by artist Andrea Myers. Myers recently moved to Columbus from Chicago. She is an instructor in Foundations/Fine Arts at the Columbus College of Art and Design. The artist explores space between two- and three-dimensionality, creating layered sculptures from flat materials. Her forms reference the organic behavior of natural settings.

Additional media

Get Inspired!

Artist Andrea Myers derives inspiration from exploring space between two- and three-dimensionality, and focuses on creating layered sculptures from flat materials. Her forms reference the organic behavior of nature, such as plate tectonics.

Plate tectonics reference large plates within the earth that are layered and are in continuous lateral movement. The earth has 1o different plates (as well as minor plates) that move in relation to one another in certain plate boundaries: convergent (two plates push against one another), divergent (two plates move away from each other), and transform (two plates slide past one another). At times, plates will lock together. When forced to break apart, they can cause natural disasters, such as earthquakes.

Many natural wonders of the world have been created by geological activity and earth’s natural disasters.

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Other natural wonders:

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The Great Barrier Reef

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