By creating a collection of public art, Dublin Arts Council’s Dublin Art in Public Places program’s goal is to enhance the quality of life for Dublin’s residents and to strengthen the city as a destination for visitors.

The collection includes both large and small visual artworks acquired through a variety of models in which Dublin Arts Council is actively engaged; including major gifting, committee-directed projects, calls for entries and jurying, on-loan programs with an acquisition component, interactive projects, contributions to the City’s interior collection and projects which define a community initiative. The collection is currently valued at $3.8 million.

The Dublin Art in Public Places program was begun in 1988 and has grown to more than 60 large and small-scale permanent, temporary and interactive public art projects today.

Dublin Arts Council maintains that public art should inspire an emotional response, provoke questions and invite interaction, while encouraging ingenuity and creative discovery by artists. The collection of public artworks distinguishes our community and creates a sense of place while contributing to Dublin’s aesthetic legacy.

Dublin Arts Council, in collaboration with City of Dublin adopted its first Public Art Master Plan in 2021. A copy can be downloaded here.

Dublin’s permanent, large-scale collection


Feather Point

Feather Point is a permanent artwork in Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park. Artist Olga Ziemska's proposal takes inspiration from the Coat of Arms of Kosciuszo’s native Poland and finds commonality with Bill Moose, known as the last of the Wyandot American Indian Tribe to have lived in Ohio.


Daily Chores

The Daily Chores sculpture was inspired by Dublin’s historic town water pump that sat in the middle of the intersection of Bridge and High streets in the early 1900s. While the pump was a primary source of drinking water for the town, it was also a community gathering place where residents would come together to share news and connect with one another.



Middlebrook’s Injection is a majestic bronze and stone sculpture that was installed at the pond’s edge near the Dublin Community Recreation Center in Coffman Park as part of the original Titration exhibition series in 2007.

Current and previous temporary public art projects